The view of George Washington Bridge over Hudson River, New York!

Sunday morning, I woke up to a bright sunny day and a heart- melting  smile from my love. Sunshine, plans to be outdoors. But in a couple of hours it got windy and overcast. I sigh! Good or not so good weather, I and my husband were up for a game of tennis. After a healthy breakfast we were off on our bikes to the River Side Clay courts for an intense serve and volley game. The clay courts by the Hudson River, it’s the most majestic view I have ever seen, experienced, with the convenience to play tennis every single day. It is such a luxury!

On the road, as I pedaled my bicycle, the cold wind pierced my face and my hair were a slight mess. In minutes we were at the courts ready for an hour of tennis. The view of the Hudson was breathtaking, as if straight out of a dream. As I was lost in its beauty I knew I had my click of the day- The George Washington Bridge overlooking the Hudson River with the ships only adding character to my picture.

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