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Central Park turns white as winter storm Orlena brings heavy snow to the city

Major snow storm pummeled New York, Northeast

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Winter storm Orlena pummeled Northeast on Monday, dumping 20 inches of snow in some places. The storm had New York City covered in more than a foot of snow by Monday evening. Central Park alone received over 13 inches, its highest single-storm amount in five years.

The streets of the city looked serene and calm as most New Yorkers are working remotely in the Pandemic since a year. At the same time, one did see essential workers braving the massive winter storm with wind gusting furiously in unpredictable patterns making it hard to tell if the snow is dumping down, blowing upward or hitting the ground and then bouncing back up toward the sky. Making travel in the city hazardous and discouraged unless extremely essential.

For many children in the city, the day went as planned: They logged into their online classrooms for remote lessons. Though the city’s public schools closed for in-person learning on Monday and Tuesday, only about 20 percent of the system’s 1.1 million students have been attending class in person, and they will join their classmates online, reports New York Times.

A street in Manhattan covered in layers of snow as the storm continues into Tuesday

As the storm persists into Tuesday, here’s the lates update

  • More than 13 inches of snow has fallen in New York City, the biggest winter storm in five years. Residents are being urged to stay in their homes, and the city is under a state of emergency as it faces what could be a top-10-heaviest snowfall.
  • In parts of northern New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania, amounts have climbed as high as 20 to 25 inches, and several more inches are possible.
  • The snow is snarling travel, shutting down public transportation and halting many coronavirus vaccination efforts. Hundreds of flights have been canceled. Travel in New York City was expected to be “difficult to near impossible” through Monday afternoon, the National Weather Service reported.
  • The sprawling coastal storm is delivering heavy snowfall from the Great Smoky Mountains to Maine.

(Source: Washington Post)

The Bethesda Fountain a magical winter wonderland in snow at Central Park, New York | Photo credit: secret_nyc IG

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Snow owl spotted in Central Park, New York | Photo credit: Time Out

Snow owl spotted in Central Park, the first after 130 years

By Hints Of Life

In a rare sighting a beautiful snow owl was spotted this week strolling in Central Park. Spotted on a west ballfield of the Central Park North Meadow, this perhaps is the first-ever documentation of the species, with its new buddy the American crow. pic.twitter.com/jtiuPB1VRL

It is for the first time since 1890 that a snow owl is spotted in the Park. A birder who runs the Twitter account Manhattan Bird Alert read about an owl sighting on a tracking site and sounded the alarm, reports New York Times. As hoards of people flocked to the park with cameras and spotting scopes, and some with binoculars, in moments a megastar-celebrity was born in the Manhattan birding community. Following its successors Rocky the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree owl from last year and the superstar Mandarin duck that ruled the park and the world’s social-media feeds in 2018.

Snow owl with its buddy, the American crow | Photo credit: Manhattan bird alert twitter

The baseball fields are fenced off in winter to let the grass regrow, so the crush of onlookers was kept a couple of hundred feet away from the owl, but that did not stop at least one person from cheating, reports New York Times.

“Someone was trying to get that overhead photo,” from about 50 feet in the air. “The owl was aware of it. It was stressing it out,” said Dan Tainow, a Parks Department ranger.

A snow owl is a rare sight, more so in an urban park setting. Nonetheless, it is critical for birdwatchers to maintain distance and make sure our behavior doesn’t impact theirs.

On Thursday the snow owl with thick black bars, classic for a young female bird was no where in sight, perhaps taking off on its journey ahead.

News source:

New York Times & Time Out

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