Happy New Year

Happy New Year, 2021

Sunset and nightfall in NYC

Sunset and nightfall in NYC

A foot and more of pure white snow

Fifteen feet of pure white snow

Magnolia blossoms in Central Park

Magnolia blossoms in spring splendor at Central Park.~ Hints of Life The sky bright and blue, the air fresh, sunshine everywhere, and within it blossomed the stunning Magnolia Jane at Central Park East. Spring notably is the season of new…

First snow: The street scene

Little gems falling from above, the season's first snow blankets the streets of New York. ~ Hints Of Life It all began in the late afternoon, the magic of winter. My heart 'snow' happy as we got the first snow of…

Sunbathing turtles

A turtle is not just a fascinating species, but a silent teacher. ~ Hints Of Life Try to be like a turtle- at ease in your own shell, Bill Copeland. The beautiful thought captured my conscience after my visit to Central Park…

Shakespeare Garden

Parks are a bouquet of blossoming flowers, created by mankind, a tribute for his love for nature ~ Hints Of Life The summer days in Central Park are marvelous and the sublime beauty of its surroundings is breathtaking. One often sees people looking for cool spots to…

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