Fall sunshine

Heartwarming is fall sunshine!  I dance in the fall sunshine doodling over my shadow the tiny me smiles at the big me I lay still in the fall sunshine enriching the being in me letting the positive take over the rest I…

In your shadow

In your shadow the squeaky squirrel tip-toes on the fallen leaves she digs and eats on the seasonal seeds In your shadow the tiny, pugnacious hummingbird flickers her wings, trying to stay still she sings her tuneful whistle to the sky and…

Dreamy, rainy Manhattan

As rain descends in Manhattan the city looks like a dream

Green mirage!

A few minutes in the company of nature brings in me a tingling calmness, a feeling so deep it is hard to express!

O majhi re, apna kinara nadiyan ki dhaara hai

Often in life we experience a beautiful setting and how we wish our family and friends were right here living the moment with us. This was one such moment! The  view reminds me of the famous Bollywood song 🎵 O…


Sunday morning, I woke up to a bright sunny day and a heart- melting  smile from my love. Sunshine, plans to be outdoors. But in a couple of hours it got windy and overcast. I sigh! Good or not so…

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