Hints Of Life Guest Columns

Hints Of Life Guest Columns

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Living with nature in the Pandemic.

Even as the world has been swept up by the pandemic, many of us have in this time rediscovered our love of nature and the outdoors. HOL asked its guest writers to share their heartfelt nature stories in these trying times. We asked them to reflect on how spending time in nature has brought joy, happiness and solace in their life.

We’re gratified by the overwhelming support from our writers.

Today, we share “These Soft Winds” by Sugand Swani. As the times get tougher, the stories interesting.

These Soft Winds

By Sugandh Swani

These soft winds | Photo credit: Sugandh Swani

Every night, as I walk up to the roof,
To reflect on the long day that was,
There blow these soft winds that join,
My tête-à-tête with the sheeny stars.

They sit patient on brawny branches of the trees,
As I raise questions and express my desires,
Listening to the silent words the eyes utter,
In a passage of smoke from the heart’s fires.

And then they prepare the leaves to reply,
On behalf of the stars and the moon,
As they twist and turn and gently quake,
Almost playing piano as they swoon.

For I hear tender music as the winds blow,
The tunes that tie some knots between
My soul and the soul of the soft subtle nights,
Whispering the answers to those wishes, and dreams.

Sugandh Swani is a Public Relations professional and a poet at heart. To follow her poetic endeavor follow @sugandhswani on instagram and twitter.

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  1. Our Earth has warmed and cooled by itself for millions of years, the geologic record proves this. The GW thing is all about controlling populations, I don’t buy it.

  2. The title of your blog fits well with the content you display. As far as my feelings about spring, enjoy it while I can before it gets too hot in South Florida

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