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Hints Of Life Guest Columns

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Hints Of Life Guest Columns: Long calming winter nights!

By Japjeet Duggal

With all the chaos going on in the world, winter usually brings the peace and calm that we all are craving for. So much happened in the last few months. There were heat waves and rainstorms wreaking havoc on us, on top of a never-ending pandemic. The winter silence is something I am personally enjoying.

End of October I had a second baby and a week after his birth, my older one turned three. And as they say about three-year old’s, they are threenagers. My day goes by with a lot of noise, a small baby asking for mom and an older one understandably seeking attention which belonged to only her and is now divided.

No one is to blame, but as everyone sleeps at night, I am the one up most of the night feeding and caring for a five-week-old. I look outside the window and the streets are all quiet. There is smoke coming out of the chimneys of newly built homes across the street. Some days it’s nice and warm, others are rainy and snowy.

Whistling trees that I can see and not hear, but imagining the sounds of trees, one or the other car passing by gives an immense sense of relief, reminding me that this is only a phase of motherhood that will pass, and I should enjoy it as much as I can. Watching my babies sleep and be as little as they are.

On all the days, the serenity of long winter nights brings so much peace to mind. Sunrise is equally comforting which implies we are moving to the next summer and longer days in months to come. 

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  1. Our Earth has warmed and cooled by itself for millions of years, the geologic record proves this. The GW thing is all about controlling populations, I don’t buy it.

  2. The title of your blog fits well with the content you display. As far as my feelings about spring, enjoy it while I can before it gets too hot in South Florida

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