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Hints Of Life Guest Columns

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Living with nature in the Pandemic.

Even as the world has been swept up by the pandemic, many of us have in this time rediscovered our love of nature and the outdoors. HOL asked its guest writers to share their heartfelt nature stories in these trying times. We asked them to reflect on how spending time in nature has brought joy, happiness and solace in their life.

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Today, we share “How I time traveled in 2020” by Anu Gogna. As the times get tougher, the stories interesting.

How I time traveled in 2020

By Anu Gogna

Pink bougainvillea glowing in the evening sun, Singapore| Photo credit: Anu Gogna

Would you believe me if I told you I time travel; and in 2020 when flying across the borders wasn’t possible, I traveled across time.

It isn’t impossible I figured, all you need is to trigger a connection with the past.

For me these triggers vary and can be a particular smell, a taste or even music. And if there is one thing that I valued even more in 2020 it was easy access to nature. Though, ironically in a way we had lost our freedom to even breathe in fresh air.

With fewer activities outdoors and more time spent indoors; it came as a refreshing change just to go out for a quick walk. Staying indoors all the time, it meant so much to explore, new parks and new paths.

A fallen Bush clockvine (Thunbergia erecta) at Garden by the Bay, Singapore | Photo credit: Anu Gogna

Wearing a mask did one thing good after all, I started to value every bit of fresh air I could get. In Singapore, the only possible way to breathe the fresh air without a mask was if you were jogging or running. I went out of my way for the first time and went for a few runs just to take off my mask and smell the dew in the woods.

It surprised me the first time as I felt a spiritual connection with nature. It wasn’t just me reaching out to nature and exploring the new and unknown; but nature connecting with me in ways and elements I had not known before to take me back in time. One day as I was walking, a whiff of air emerged right through my mask, my eyes brightened; and in a heartbeat my mind boarded a flight to the past. I slowed down and took a long, deep breath and that’s it, in a whirlwind, I was transported to my childhood. To a garden blooming with jasmine flowers, as I played hide and seek with the other kids.

Ornamental plant captured in the garden, Singapore | Photo credit: Anu Gogna

With nature I share a unique connection. Whether it’s the rustling of dry leaves in a breeze, or birds chirping perched on a tree, or the sound of insects waking at dusk. On my walks I’ll pick a flower fallen on the ground and keep it by my side all day long.

It’s a cotton field up there | Photo credit: Anu Gogna

Sometimes, I wish to store these fragrances in small bottles to be able to go back down memory lane whenever I desire. But that would mean losing touch with nature and the ability to travel back in time.

Anu Gogna is the author of ‘Kids are from Mercury’. Her ebook and paperback is available on Amazon. Follow her interesting and unique stories on Instagram and Twitter @anugogna. She blogs at anugognablog.wordpress.com.

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