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Hints Of Life Guest Columns

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Living with nature in the Pandemic.

Even as the world has been swept up by the pandemic, many of us have in this time rediscovered our love of nature and the outdoors. HOL asked its guest writers to share their heartfelt nature stories in these trying times. We asked them to reflect on how spending time in nature has brought joy, happiness and solace in their life.

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Today, we share “Nature a perpetual healer” by Vijayalakshmi Abhishek. As the times get tougher, the stories interesting.

Nature a perpetual healer

By Vijayalakshmi Abhishek

Fall colors in a neighborhood in Bronx, New York | Photo credit: Vijayalakshmi Abhishek

The Year 2020 was an unprecedented year in the living memory of mordern history. As we approached closer to the New Year many people took to social media to express their reactions to the year that 2020 has been. I remember reading an article that gave the year two star rating, another stated how being in lockdown and not meeting other fellow beings was the hardest part of the Pandemic, and that they want to omit 2020 from their lives by every possible means.

As I read these stories I wondered as a matter of fact, 2020 did turn out to be a disaster in many of our lives but subsequently there’s been a lot of learning in these past few months that changed almost everything in our world.

In retrospect, as the world came to a halt, I took a long pause from the everyday rigmarole that we all were a part of. A fixed routine, unaltered plans and a long list of unaccomplished objectives.

Tulips blooming in a garden in Forest Hills, Queens, New York | Photo credit Vijayalakshmi Abhishek

In the beginning, like everyone else I too was between my phone, tablet, laptop, and television, some form of screen time was happening almost 24/7.

But then I paused and asked myself, is this the way the whole time is going to be? It was for sure not helping my family in anyway. Reading and watching coronavirus stories every day, was bringing nothing good into our lives.
Sleeping late at night and waking up late in the morning was making our lives more miserable until an incident altered my way of life.

One crisp fall morning my sleep was interrupted by the chirping of birds outside my window. I got out of bed and opened the window while rubbing my eyes. Though, the streets were empty a beautiful sun was about to rise.

Without much deliberation, I took my stole, put on my slippers, my mask and stepped outside the door. While standing in my front yard, the morning sun made me adore it. The sky was painted orange and crimson, golden rays of the sun were giving a bright colour to the clouds. This spectacular view was bracing my eyes. I kept on looking at the sky and thought why didn’t I appreciated this vision earlier. Watching that sunrise helped me see a light within myself. It was a feeling of peace within. As if nature mother was pouring a healing power and talking to me, saying in the end all will be well. In a trice, I realized I have been missing nature so much. Nature brings so much cheer, comfort, elation in our lives but as humans, we never take out time to appreciate the fact.

Pleasant drive on a rainy day in Monroe, New Jersey, New York | Photo credit: Vijayalakshmi Abhishek

In the Pandemic I realized that getting out into nature doesn’t have to be a big event, it doesn’t take much effort to unplug and head out into the great outdoor. So I started to go out for long listening walks with my son early in the morning.
The streets were deserted and I could hear the sounds maybe I never tried to listen before. It was surprising how much we were missing. Ever since my husband, son and I started going to the forest park in our neighborhood. The place has large number of dense vertical lush green trees. Going for walks in the forest park is so unwinding.

I can hear some friendly critters, wind in the leaves whispering, the cooing sounds of pegions. I can sit for hours under those dense shades and appreciate the beauty around. The calmness in nature helped me go within and appreciate the fact that we are so alive.

Undoubtedly, the year 2020 was a year full of uncertainties and unpredictablities
but I couldn’t deny the fact that the sudden pause in our world helped many of us to realize the value of our existence, the true value of nature and its winsomeness.

Evening clouds turn orange-yellow as the sun set’s at a subway station in Queens, New York | Photo credit: Vijayalakshmi Abhishek

When was the last time, we witnessed the clear skies, the gleaming moon or the glint of stars? There is a whole alluring world around us waiting to be unwind.

Vijayalakshmi Abhishek is a mother. She writes a compelling piece for us from Queens, New York. Follow her on instagram @vijayalakshmi_Abhishek.

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