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Spring is on everyone’s mind and rightly so. It is the season of new beginnings. Soon the earth will come to life with fresh bud blooms, animals awakening from long hibernation and sun shining bright. Farmers and gardeners will plant their seeds and temperatures will slowly rise.

Color, vigor, enthusiasm and outdoors will be the highlights of the coming season. Life will sprout in every corner, rainbow will color the blue sky and laughter will eco in every park, garden, field and street.

Today, Hints Of Life share’s a last snow story with its readers. A sweet mamas sweet ‘First snow’ story, by Japjeet Duggal.

First snow!

By Japjeet Duggal

Our balcony covered in several inches of snow | Photo credit: Japjeet Duggal

The pandemic changed everyone’s life in some or the other way. For me and my family, we decided to move up north, from California to Washington state, closer to family and on a new adventure.

My 2-year-old is now used to talking to our extended family on video calls and facetime, and warm weather. She had not seen her uncle, my brother, since a year. As he parked his car outside our house, she screamed with joy and laughter out of surprise. It was long past her bedtime, but she was too excited to sleep. We had imagined she would sleep the next morning.

The next morning she was in for another surprise.

My husband woke me up at 7 am asking me to come and look outside. Barely woken up, with eyes half open, trying to put on my glasses right I looked outside and everything was white. It was my first snow. Yes, my first snow which I experienced at 30. I sprinted out the room, down to the living to express my excitement, making sure to not wake up my 2-year-old.

A snowy neighborhood in Washington State | Photo credit: Japjeet Duggal

While I was facetiming my parents and showing them the snow-covered roads, my front yard and everything else that was white, my daughter woke up and joined us, at what was the event of the day. She stood on the windowpane to look at the “white”, which was the only word that came to her mind followed by a WOW!

She stood there for a long time admiring the beauty and magic that snow brings with it. From the window to the balcony, she ran all around, ecstatic at the snow outdoors and eager to step out. We skipped everything, breakfast, diaper change, brushing, all our morning routine to experience our ‘first snow’.

Within minutes we were all dressed up in our jackets and snow boots to experience our the snow. We ran in the snow, played with snowballs, even tried attempting a snowman, but we missed wearing our gloves.

All the neighborhood kids were out of their homes playing in the thick snow. There were snow angles in balconies, snow ducks on railings, snow castles using beach toys and many more attempts at making snowman.

Vintage vehicles covered in snow, Washington State | Photo credit: Japjeet Duggal

We didn’t confine ourselves indoors just because it was snowing. The whole experience of exploring our new home was elevated by the perfect big snowflakes that kept falling on us.

We drove to the countryside, getting a glimpse of the vast white fields, vintage vehicles covered in snow and other beautiful sights. It was the first time she did not sleep on a drive. She was wide awake admiring the stunning snow covered fields.

Her Uncle had driven from Alberta to escape the snow but it followed him all the way. While he was not excited that his weekend with the family was White. His disappointment was overshadowed by his niece’s sheer delight to experience her first snow and her excitement to play with him in the snow.

Japjeet Duggal is a mother who lives with her husband and daughter in Washington State. She shares her heartwarming and sweet nature stories with us each month. You can follow Japjeet on instagram @japjeetduggal.

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  2. The title of your blog fits well with the content you display. As far as my feelings about spring, enjoy it while I can before it gets too hot in South Florida

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