Frozen lake, Central Park a stunning sight in winter

By Simer Dhume

The frozen lake is winter’s most beautiful phenomenon. The stillness around the icy water is so incredible. From where I stood, the earth looked hard as iron, water like a stone. ~ Hints Of Life

Frozen Lake, Central Park

Have you ever wondered what’s it like to see a frozen lake? Get ready for your dose of a heartfelt nature story. It was a mid-winter morning in New York. The frosty wind moaned as I stood looking at the frozen lake; Central Park was a glorious sight in winter.

It’s not the first time I’ve witnessed the Lake frozen, but its beauty, the miracle of Mother nature leaves me amazed each time. I see around me, “earth stood hard as iron, water like a stone.

Frozen lake at Central Park

Frozen lake, Central Park a stunning sight in winter | ©

Oh, how the wind was icy and withering. The cold seeped through my seven layers of clothing, attacking seams and zipper tracks and spots of thin insulation. The most unbearable, the exposed skin on my face, felt numb.

Does that sound familiar to the New Yorkers or anyone who lives in a cold place?

Yet the perks of braving the biting cold were many, foremost, to experience the stunning views nature creates in the winter. Pure, magical, and unreal. Greatest, to see the reflection of the iconic Bow Bridge on the frozen lake.

Frozen lake, the advantages of being out in nature in the winter are endless

Although, it can get tough to venture out in the freezing winter days, especially with heavy wind gusts. But imagine what it would be like to stand on the frozen lake (only if it is safe and fully frozen). Or just around it, like me, enjoying the calming beauty of nature.

All you need is a bit of motivation and a close eye on the weather outside; to find the enthusiasm to step out. The benefits of being out in nature in the winter are endless. It can boost your physical and mental health, helping you stay positive through the harsh winter months.

Do you feel motivated enough to get out in the cold? Stay with me. As I’m sure, the study below might satisfy your doubts and give you the motivation that you need right now.

woods covered with snow

The positive effects of viewing a winter forest landscape are endless. | Picture credit: pexels

Research published in PLOS ONE journal study, “The effects of viewing a winter forest landscape with the ground and trees covered in snow. Bringing psychological relaxation of young Finnish adults.”

The positive effects of winter forest bathing

Forest bathing is a popular outdoor activity applied by psychologists as a promising preventive treatment for stress-related social problems.

In this experiment, twenty-two healthy university students from Finland participated. Making it the first-ever winter forest bathing experiment.

woman with eyes closed touching her hat in forest

Winter forest bathing | Picture credit: pexels

A glance at the experiment

In the experiment, the participants were asked to take a short exposition by a forest environment or landscape. Further, ask them to self-report psychological relaxation before and after visiting the outdoor environment.

Results were analyzed and compared.

The mood, emotions, restorativeness, and subjective vitality were recorded as indices that reflect the psychological relaxation effect.

Here’s what the study found.

The students felt significant relaxation after visiting the experimental forest. And the good news is that snow might help evoke a calming and emotion-lowering environment component.

How exciting and reassuring is that?

Frozen lake at Central Park

Frozen lake snow can have a relaxing effect on your mood; a study shows | ©

Do you dream of snow? Does it keep you awake in the middle of the night?

I love snow. It calms me and makes me feel happy. Snow, for me, is the highlight of the winter season. How about you? I hope this study will inspire you to venture out in the cold, snowy days instead of being cooped up at home. Try it for yourself and see if it makes a difference.

Or, if you love snow, I’m thrilled to hear your story. So are you going to share your thoughts with me today?

Stay warm and healthy.

What’s Next up

Frozen lake: Nature news that inspired us

Wildlife Photographer of the Year People’s Choice winner revealed reports, Matthew Tucker, BBC News.

The ethereal frozen Italian lake, Santa Croce Lake in northern Italy | Picture credit: Cristiano Vendramin | Source: BBC News

How magnificent is this picture? This poignant image won Italian photographer Cristiano Vendramin the best ‘Wildlife Photographer of the Year People’s Choice Award 2021.’ An ethereal frozen Italian lake submitted in dedication to a lost friend.

You won’t believe it, but the winning picture touched the hearts of more than 31,800 wildlife and nature enthusiasts who voted online for his landscape to win from a shortlist of 25 photos. How amazing is that?

What’s the story behind this breathtakingly beautiful picture?

So what’s the story behind this breathtakingly beautiful picture. Let’s find out.

While visiting Santa Croce Lake in northern Italy in 2019, Mr. Vendramin was struck by the beauty of the scene and was reminded of a friend who had loved the special place and is no longer here.

BBC News quotes, “I believe having a daily relationship with nature is increasingly necessary to have a serene and healthy life,” said Mr. Vendramin.

“Nature photography is therefore important to remind us of this bond, which we must preserve, and in whose memory we can take refuge.”

He furthermore said, “These past two years have redefined what truly matters in life, the people and the environments that play a crucial role in our ecosystems.

“I hope those who look at this landscape frozen in time are reminded of the importance of connecting to the natural world and the steps we must all take to protect it.”

Hints Of life aspires to share inspiring positive nature stories with our readers. We hope this story made a difference in your day, made you smile, and helped add positivity to your everyday life.

Stay tuned for more positive nature content.

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