Nature: nor’easter storm pounds in New York

By, Simer Dhume

Nature is full of genius, full of divinity; a snow day is all you need to marvel the truth. ~ Hints Of Life

Snow, snow and more snow! That’s all I see from my apartment window today as the nor’easter pounds up to 8 inches of snow on NYC. Snow started falling Friday night, leading to whiteout conditions on Saturday with high, punishing winds that I could hear roaring through my windows.

Nature, snow storm pounds New York | ©

Nature, Storm Signature: Frigid Air

Reported by CBS Network, New York, the storm will be accompnied with fridged air. This storm is a little different in the sense that New York is under an arctic airmass while it’s snowing. Exposed skin is very dangerous, and people should take caution. Cold air allows snow to stack quickly, and it is blown around easier, which lowers visibility dramatically.

It further reported, though the city is not officially in the blizzard warnings, it will experience a taste of that volatility from time to time Saturday.

Snow window scene, as snow mounts on the window sill | ©

Snow mounts on window sills

Keeping a close eye on the storm updates I decided to stay home. Watch the snow through the big windows and the stunning NYC views which I’m blessed to enjoy – a rarity to find in the city with frighting rental prices. Metaphorically and literally, there is a sense of wonder you get looking out of your window to see freshly falling snow.

As Mary Oliver quotes, “Snow was falling, so much like stars filling the dark trees, that one could easily imagine its reason for being nothing more than prettiness.”

Snow covered patio, Upper Westside, New York | ©

When snow falls, nature listens. Soft and silent, covering every inch of the outdoors in interesting shapes and sizes. Sometimes, hurling with heavy gust of winds creating squalls. Giving the onlookers dramatic views of nature’s genius. Although, the conditions are not ideal for people on the road.

So if it’s not urgent, I highly recommend everyone in the North East to stay home. Stay safe and warm.

A classic NYC view as it receives the biggest snow storm of the season | ©

Birds flying in snow

The day passed. I got busy with my toddler. She stood by the window all morning watching the birds fly around in the snow. Happy and excited to be able to keep up with her morning routine as snow steadily drifted down in large, dense clumps.

She is too young to ask me meaningful questions like:

  • Can birds fly around in the snow?
  • How do birds survive a snowstorm?
  • Why do birds need to fly when it snows?

But when she’s ready to ask I can’t wait to answer them for her. Meanwhile, if you’re a backyard bird enthusiast, and would like to know the answers to these intriguing questions click here to read more.

An evening view of the snow covered patios in NYC as the nor’easter pounds up to 8 inches of snow this weekend | ©

Snow glistening in the nightfall

As night fell, the temperature dropped sharply. With it came on the luminous lights in the neighborhood. Creating a classic NYC view. Special with the snow mounting outside on window sills, covering patios and the roof tops. Above, you see snow covered patios gistening in the nightfall. Winter in the Northeast is harsh. Many days you’re forced to stay home. But that shouldn’t disappoint you. Happiness and comfort can be found in small things. Like, I enjoyed watching the snow from my window today. It was still magical. A treat to the eyes. I’m rather greatful for having a warm home, family and health.

I hope you all have a great weekend. Stay safe and healthy.

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