Snowy path, kids sledding at Central Park

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Snow storm, arctic blast, its winter New Yorkers. ~ Hints Of Life

When the days begin to lengthen. The cold begins to strengthen, a famous winter proverb cited in print as early as 1631. That’s how I feel as New York, embraces the first arctic blast bringing the coldest air of season through Tuesday. This is going to be the coldest Tuesday in three years. Washington post reports, at least 9 million Americans could awaken Tuesday to temperatures below zero, with temperatures 15 to 20 degrees or more below average.

Slushy path and a snow bench at Central Park | ©

First snow with my daughter

The pictures were taken on my weekend visit to Central Park, as New York got its first snow storm of the season on Friday, January 7. I was only too happy and excited to experience the magical view yet another year.

Snowy path, kids sledding at Central Park | ©

It was infact a very special visit to the Park. As my 20 month toddler was going to experience snow for the first time. Her excitement was a little subdued, she was rather skeptical of the earth covered in whiteness everywhere. It was a different day than her usual visit to the playground. Or watching birds, squerrals, and ducks at the park.

But with mama by her side she was ready for this new experience. We climbed a small snow hill to see kids sledding, dogs playing in snow. I was overwhelming happy to enjoy the winter vista with my daughter from that snow covered hill top. Climbing this snow hill might become our ‘first snow’ tradition every season.

In view The Lake, overlooking the Ramble, Central Park | ©

Our guest writer, Japjeet Duggal shares a heartfelt winter story ‘Long calming winter nights’ from Washington State.

Long calming winter nights!

By Japjeet Duggal

With all the chaos going on in the world, winter usually brings the peace and calm that we all are craving for. So much happened in the last few months. There were heat waves and rainstorms wreaking havoc on us, on top of a never-ending pandemic. The winter silence is something I am personally enjoying.

Late October, I was blessed with a baby boy, my second and a week after his birth, my older one turned three. And as they say about three-year old’s, they are threenagers. My day goes by with a lot of noise, a small baby asking for mom and an older one understandably seeking attention which belonged to only her and is now divided.

No one is to blame, but as everyone sleeps at night, I am the one up most of the night feeding and caring for a five-week-old. I look outside the window and the streets are quiet. A peaceful silence. There is smoke coming out of the chimneys of newly built homes across the street. Some days it’s nice and warm, others are rainy and snowy.

Whistling trees that I can see and not hear, but imagining the sounds of trees, one or the other car passing by gives an immense sense of relief, reminding me that this is only a phase of motherhood that will pass, and I should enjoy it as much as I can – watching my babies sleep and be as little as they are.

On all the days, the serenity of long winter nights brings so much peace to mind. Sunrise is equally comforting which implies we are moving to the next summer and longer days in months to come. 

Nature: Snow storm, arctic blast, its winter New Yorkers. | ©

Snow storm, arctic blast, its winter New Yorkers. | ©

Weather advisory for Tuesday, January 11

The coldest air of the season is moving into the Northeast on Monday night, sending temperatures plummeting by Tuesday morning.

“With AccuWeather RealFeel® Temperatures expected to be 5-10 degrees lower than the actual air temperature across the region on Tuesday, anyone headed outdoors will certainly want to layer up,” warn AccuWeather Meteorologist Gilbert.

Those on the road should prep their vehicles with an emergency cold weather kit in case of breakdowns on the road. Homeowners are recommended to take extra care to avoid pipes bursting as temperatures drop and heating demands rise.

But the brutal cold won’t last long — temperatures are expected to rebound by Wednesday.

If you don’t have to avoid venturing out. STAY SAFE, STAY WARM!

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