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World Conservation day, July 28, 2021

Our earth is our home. It’s where our ancestors lived and it’s where our children and their children would live. They will inherit the planet we leave behind. Therefore, it’s our utmost responsibility to conserve, nurture and nourish our home, our earth, our oasis and leave behind a livable, habitable planet for the present and future generations.

World Conservation day, celebrated on July 28 each year, acknowledges that a healthy environment is the foundation for a stable and healthy society. We as responsible human beings must participate in protecting and conserving our nature. 

Hints Of Life shares some simple habits to implement in your daily life to help make a huge difference in conserving the environment

1.) Home vegetable garden

Starting a home vegetable garden is a great step towards conservation and comes with many benefits. Not only does it help you save money but it also ensures you consume healthy, unadulterated vegetables and fruits. Don’t have space? Grow organic fruits and vegetables in your kitchen or balcony and cook delicious meals everyday.

2.) Go plastic free

Live smart. Act smart. When you go grocery shopping, choose a cloth or paper bag over plastic. They are reusable and help a great deal in saving the planet. If you feel it’s a chore, close your eyes and think about our oceans and millions of animals whose wellbeing depends on our actions.

3.) Choose to reuse

Instead of tossing food containers and peanut butter jars into the bin, you could reuse them for other purposes, like storing other goods in them or get crafty and make showpieces out of them.

4.) Treasure the trees

Not just planting trees, it is important to treasure them as well. Plant a tree every month, encourage your friends and family to join you in this amazing initiative.

5.) Plant love for the outdoors in your children

There’s nothing more important than to inculcate in your kids the love for the outdoors. To show them they can find refuge in the company of nature. It doesn’t have to be a trip to the Grand Cannyon, but simple activities like a walk in your local park or spending time in your garden. The key is to make it fun, interactive and personal. Like watching tadpoles in a pond, or giving nicknames to birds in your garden.

6.) Quit smoking

Smoking doesn’t just harm your body but the environment as well. It releases toxic air pollutants into the atmosphere. Also, the cigarette butts that are mostly left on the ground rather than the dustbin litter the place. The toxic chemicals in the remains seep into soil and waterways, causing soil and water pollution.

7.) Choose public transport over a car

Driving is one of the biggest causes of pollution and yet there seems to be no control over it. Whenever, possible consider taking public transport over a car ride to work. If you like being active walking or biking to work are great ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle that in turn benefits the environment.

Today, Vijayalakshmi Abhishek writes a thought provoking piece, asking “Are we doing enough to conserve our environment?”

A squerrel searching for nuts at Riverside Park, Manhattan, New York

Vijayalakshmi Abhishek is a mother. She writes heartfelt and compelling stories for us from Queens, New York. Follow her on instagram @vijayalakshmi_Abhishek.

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