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Come Spring and tulips are blooming everywhere in North America. In the parks, gardens, and the sidewalks. They delight you with their stunning beauty and vibrant colors. They sway gently in the spring breeze. Their charm is unmissable and infectious.

But did you know tulips are planted in the fall to make way for the beautiful blooms in Spring?

Yes, that’s correct.

This is because they need good 14 weeks of chilling at between 35 and 50 degrees in order to produce their beautiful flowers.

How to plant tulips?

To start, choose the right spot. Tulip bulbs like sunny areas, with good soil that isn’t too wet but not too dry, either. Most gardeners plant their tulips between September and December because these cold-weather plants need to be chilled in order to bloom.

When you’re ready to plant, remember that tulips, like most bulbs, prefer to be buried deeply. Dig a hole eight to 12 inches deep and place the bulb at the bottom with the pointed top facing upwards.

If you feel the soil needs more nutrients, then mix in a few handfuls of compost with the loosened soil before you bury the bulb. Water the bulb in, place a thin layer of mulch on the soil and wait for spring!

Celebrating the tulip season, our guest writer Japjeet Duggal shares, ‘Tulip Festival’ a family getaway to witness the endless tulip bloom at Tulip Town, Mount Vernon, Washington.

Visitors take a tractor ride around the farm to view the tulip blooms | Photo credit: Japjeet Duggal

Japjeet Duggal is a mother who lives with her husband and daughter in Washington State. She shares her heartwarming and sweet nature stories with us each month. You can follow Japjeet on instagram @japjeetduggal.

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