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Spring is on everyone’s mind and rightly so. It is the season of new beginnings. Soon the earth will come to life with fresh bud blooms, animals awakening from long hibernation and sun shining bright. Farmers and gardeners will plant their seeds and temperatures will slowly rise.

Color, vigor, enthusiasms and outdoors will be the highlights of the coming season. Life will sprout in every corner, rainbow will color the blue sky and laughter will eco in every park, garden, field and street.

Today, Hints Of Life share’s a last snow story with its readers. A sweet mamas sweet ‘First snow’ story, by Japjeet Duggal.

Vintage vehicles covered in snow, Washington State | Photo credit: Japjeet Duggal

Japjeet Duggal is a mother who lives with her husband and daughter in Washington State. She shares her heartwarming and sweet nature storIes with us each month. You can follow Japjeet on instagram @japjeetduggal.

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