Central Park winter wonderland

Blue winter sky, the Lake frozen, fresh snow glistening in the daylight. Central Park a pristine winter wonderland. ~ Hints Of Life

A beautiful winter scene at Central Park, New York

‘Take me deep into the wintery woods where hope glitters freshly worn.’ Gingie Weiland Crosby

It’s the snowiest February I have seen in NYC as the city witnesses continues winter storms, creating an absolute winter wonderland. Fresh snow accumulated on Thursday, February 18. A powerful nor’easter exited the New York region late Thursday morning and moved into New England, leaving behind the biggest snowfall the city had gotten in several years. So much snow the National Weather Service placed this month in the top 10 snowiest February in recent winters.

With all the needed weather information I ventured out to enjoy the midweek snowfall. The sidewalks covered in thick snow as I plunged my way into the storm. Snowflakes coming down like soft cotton balls kissing my face, making me feel alive. As I sit today in my cozy nook, its the snowflakes outside my window inspiring me to express my happiness, my eternal love for snow.

Snow is the most beautiful thing in winter. Winter for me symbolize purity, compassion and resilience. Snow beautifies everything it touches, lending warmth and care to each, nature’s companion.

Central Park dressed in pristine white as far as my sight gazed. The Bow Bridge, most beloved tourist attraction stood proud in the deep winter storm. I wonder how many such storms has it braved? Bestowing numerous beautiful views to nature lovers and visitors alike. Underneath, the Lake frozen, a few Canadian geese walking on the frozen ice. It’s the most gorgeous winter scene I did seen in my life.

Pine Bank Arch (bridge) looks snug in the wintery wonderland at Central Park, New York

‘Winter forms our character and brings out our best.’ Tom Allen


Pinebank Arch a stunningly beautiful, original cast-iron bridge in Central Park looked snug in layers of snow that surrounds its periphery. The bare trees hovering around giving it an iconic, megistic appearance.

It’s one of the five remaining original cast-iron bridges in Central Park. The arch looks over the bridle path 11 feet below, a peaceful and scenic sight. In the winter as the trees are bare, one must look instead for views of the grand midtown skyline.

Walking in 13 inches of snow I made my way through the bridle path towards the Pinebank Arch to not just enjoy the snow scenes from the Park but also revel in the uninterrupted midtown skyline. The view somewhat blurry yet stunning as the snow flurries came hurriedly down from the sky.

To read more about the history of the Pinebank Arch visit Centralpark.com

The Lake at Central Park frozen as temperatures soar below single digits Fahrenheit

Winter knows to hush, still, listen, so the soul can speak.’ Angie Weiland-Crosby

After appreciating the beautiful snow scenes from the Pinebank Arch I made my way to the Lake. Spanning over 20 acres, its the largest man-made body of water and the site of enduring tradition. (Source:Centralparknyc.org)

I have spent every season by this beautiful water body. In the summer it’s refreshing to sit on the mud side and watch turtles swim in the Lake. Springtime the Cherry blossoms around it are my favorite thing to watch. In fall the leaves turn into myriads of colors some falling into the water, some around it on the ground. But seeing the Lake frozen- so pristine, so white is one of a kind experience. One I haven’t experienced before. The sight so gorgeous I can go back to it each day.

A dog playing in the snow at Central Park, New York

‘There is ceaseless wonder to be found in the home of Mother Nature. As she dusts with snow even cobwebs sparkle in her magic.’ Angie Weiland-Crosby

After having my fill of the Park as the cold was biting my face I decided to exit from 72nd and Central Park West. A labrador retriever was sprinting and playing in the snow. I stood there watching in sheer delight. Happiness does come in the smallest moments and warms your heart for the winter. I looked around one last time and saw the same joyous sprit in everyone visiting the Park. Families, small babies snug in their strollers, couples and/or fitness enthusiasts all shared that unending love for nature and outdoors. Excited, happy and content I made my way home to the warmth and comfort of the indoors.

Warm wishes, HOL team! 😊

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