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A seagull settled on a side railing for a few minutes before taking off in a flight over the Hudson River at Riverside Park, New York

Five facts about seagulls

  • Seagulls are monogamous and colonial breeders that display mate fidelity that usually lasts for the life of the pair. Most gulls breed once a year and have predictable breeding seasons from three to five months.
  • Seagulls display high levels of site fidelity, returning to the same colony after breeding there once and even usually breeding in the same location within that colony.
  • Nest building is a part of pair-bonding. Gull nests are usually mats of herbaceous matter with a central nest cup.
  • Seagulls defend their territories from rivals of both sexes through calls and aerial attacks.
  • The eggs of gulls are usually dark tan to brown or dark olive with dark splotches and scrawl markings, and are well camouflaged.

A side view of the seagull showing the beautiful black spots on its head and grey mantel as it looks ahead over the Hudson River at Riverside Park, New York

Research suggests watching birds near your home can improve your mental health. Listening to bird songs one experiences calmness and serenity. Do you enjoy watching the seagulls add a beautiful banter to your otherwise mundane life? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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