Though summer days are a season away, here’s a splash of color to brighten these grey winter days. Daylilies that have stunned me with their striking presence at Central Park Conservancy. ~ Hints Of Life

The season's afar
when the air is amber, breeze calmingly cool
the days as long as the Pacific coastline, our laughs louder and carefree
when daylilles blossom, say
'over here, look at me' 

Dayliles soaked in summer rain at Central Park Conservatory

As we embrace the dark, deep winter days in the lockdown, bringing a splash of color to the day is appealing and beautiful. These pictures of the gorgeous yellow daylilies were sitting in my archive forever waiting for that moment to grab my mindful attention. Though, looking back to the summer of 2019, I remember visiting the Conservatory Garden in Central Park, especially to witness the visually stunning display of the daylily flowers. Swaying with the summer breeze, their brilliant orange and yellow hues all seem to be jostling for attention, yelling “Over here, look at me!” It was a sight to behold.

As a nature goer I see it as an appropriate attitude for a flower in an obviously starring role. Also appropriate, given the short career of each flower, most open in the morning and are withered by nightfall, only to be replaced by the following sunrise. The breathtakingly short life of the daylilies is a reminder that life is a celebration. As we navigate the tough days, we must approach being alive, being able, as a triumph. Like the daylilies, we must also be forgiving and impeccable. In the Central Park Garden daylilies are among the most prominent of the mid-summer blooms and are featured in several of the South Garden perennial beds.

‘Over here, look at me’ signifies the daylilies’ magnificent presence

It may interest readers that the genus Hemerocallis is native to countries in the temperate parts of Asia. Originally, daylilies were found only in yellow, orange, and fulvous red. Today, the colors range from near-whites, pastels, yellows, oranges, pinks, vivid reds, crimson, purple, and nearly true-blue. Many people are familiar with only the common yellow or orange daylilies which are often seen along roadsides. These daylilies are cultivated forms of the wild types of plants which have “escaped” and are growing as if wild. All of the modern daylilies have been developed through a complicated history of hybridization among these and other wild types. (Source:

A beautiful bunch of flowers can bring joy even in the toughest of times. What is your favorite flower? Do share in the comments below.

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