A foot and more of pure white snow

As I gaze into the distance the earth dressed in endless white. ~ Hints Of Life

Prospect Park covered in thick snow after New York witnessed its first snow storm of the year photo credit- Jen Ugarte

In a year that went by in a blur, snow in December is just what was needed to lift up our holiday spirits. Snowflakes like little moths hurling down from the sky. Swaying in the air before settling down on trees, buildings and streets in the neighborhood. Fog steadily escaping the rooftop chimneys as the whiteness spread all around. Unfolding before me is a scene from a Charles Dickens novel. Or so I would love to imagine, looking at the white winter wonderland as the day went by.

The blast of snow moving northeast from the mid-Atlantic is the heaviest snowfall in years. It’s a pleasant change much welcomed by New Yorkers. The National Weather Service recorded 10 inches of precipitation in Central Park.

A snowman glistening under the winter moonlight . photo credit- Jen Ugarte

As the first dusting of snow began to fall in Brooklyn, neighborhood residents hustled home laden with groceries and tools for contending with what the storm would leave behind.

But I took to the streets to bask in the season’s first flakes. Admiring the snow as it glistened in the yellow glow of nearby streetlights. After being cooped up in the apartment since March this was a moment of pure joy. Looking at snow made me happy. Finally, my lips were white, face pale and snowflakes on my face. Rejoice, rejoice, rejoice!

A Brooklyn neighborhood covered in snow pummeled by the nor’easter photo credit- Jen Ugarte

Brooklyn saw 1 to 2 inches of snow an hour, amounting to 6-12 inches, according to the National Weather Service. As I strolled through Prospect Park in the evening I saw two brothers making their first ever snowman. Families enjoying sledding throughout the park. The tree branches were soaked in snow that settled like a white coating displaying the beautiful winter scene.

A wooden bench covered in a mound of snow photo credit- Jen Ugarte

As snow blanketed every corner of the city. I was able to get a few interesting pictures like the snow covered bench with a wall mural in the background. So Brooklyn, so artistic. One house in the neighborhood stood out with red decorations immersed in thick layers of snow. I looked around and saw happy faces.

Snow covered rooftops from the 38th floor of a Downtown Brooklyn building overlooking the East river. photo credit– Clai Tirado

As my friends shared the city scenes from their neighborhoods and apartments. Leaving my readers with this picturesque view from the 38th floor of a Downtown Brooklyn apartment building overlooking the East river.

Be safe, keep healthy!

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