First snow: The street scene

Little gems falling from above, the season’s first snow blankets the streets of New York. ~ Hints Of Life

First Snow_New YorkIt all began in the late afternoon, the magic of winter. My heart ‘snow’ happy as we got the first snow of the season in New York City. It was a whirlwind of flurries like moths in a hurry. Soon it turned into flakes like someone was grating the sky.

Blissfully I stepped out to enjoy the first scenes of snow in my neighborhood. The soft snow gently kissed my face, making my soul, my spirit come alive. Walking, exploring, enjoying the gift of nature and living in the moment.
First Snow_New York_
It was a surreal view. Daisy, the neighbor’s poodle, out enjoying the magical first snow. Commuters rushing to their next destination. The buzz of cars, buses and pedestrians. As I absorbed the scene, a beautiful lamppost caught my attention. A grand, ornamental lamppost glistening in the snowfall. I looked up at the flakes, silver and dark, falling obliquely against the lamplight, shining in my eyes.
The tree lines were covered in a thick coating of snow, creating a beautiful winter vista. A yellow maple tree looked majestic, cotton balls draping its branches.
Two chairs dressed in snow from head to toe. Their owner likely to return at first dawn when the sun would break through the clouds and the day again come alive. I stood there idealizing, weaving a story in my mind. Bringing in an early night, the snowflakes turned into a gusty icy slush descending horizontally in a blur. To me it all seemed a part of the universe’s plan, dark thickening outside, as winter comes on us in layers and layers. 

Signing off with best winter wishes!
Ethan Frome, Edith Wharton 
The Dead, James Joyce 
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8 thoughts on “First snow: The street scene

  1. Such a delightful narrative of the first snow. I enjoyed the various scenes you created so much, beautiful and atmospheric. Your photos are lovely, like a selection of film scenes. James Joyce, my favourite writer. 😊

    • Thank you so much Isabelle for such kind and appreciative words. I had a great time writing the post and of course walking in the snow. 🙂 James Joyce is on the top of my reading to-do-list. Now, I’m even more eager and thrilled to read his books.

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