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Today, sit yourself on a park bench and watch the fall colors turn into ethereal golds, reds, yellows and orange. ~ Hints Of Life


Fall colors at Bow Bridge, Central Park

It’s Sunday evening, the first evening after the daylight saving hour ends. As my mind and body adjust to the change in time, my soul is reminiscing the beautiful fall weekend I enjoyed with my husband. The bounty of gold, red, yellow and orange trees I woke up to on Saturday morning. Smitten by the fall colors I sat on a black walnut wooden chair by the oversized bohemian windows in my living room sipping my morning chai (Indian tea).

As the day progressed I could not endure the thought of losing on the precious fall sunshine. So, I spent almost all of the daylight hours outside and most part at Central Park. Walking up Broadway in the early afternoon sunshine I entered the Park from 68th street and Central Park West. As I now recollect the initial few minutes in the Park, I remember being engulfed with excitement and thrill whilst the weekend crowd. The fall colors were magnificent… at last !

“Notice that Autumn is more the season of soul than of nature.~ Friedrich Nietzsche”


Fall wedding at Strawberry Field, Central Park

“As autumn leaves turn their brilliant hue, two in love will say I do.” And so was the scene at the Park’s Strawberry Field. A newly wed couple posed for stunning fall foliage pictures along with a Flower Girl and Bridesmaids. As they stood under the golden yellow fall Foliage it felt like a scene straight out of a movie. Magical!

The larger than life tree that became the backdrop of the Bride and Grooms most memorable day is the Green Ash tree. The tree can turn a variety of colors each fall, from purple to orange to golden yellow. They are popular urban trees that are at risk of going extinct because of the invasive, imported emerald ash borer beetle. The green ash is a good tree to appreciate in all seasons. In addition, ash trees represent the Tree of Life in mythology. (Source: Centralparknyc.org)

“I hope I can be the autumn leaf, who looked at the sky and lived. And when it was time to leave, gracefully it knew life was a gift.~ Dodinsky”


Fall colors at The Ramble, Central Park

Walking forward towards The Lake, I was engulfed with a stunning view of The Ramble to the South from where I stood near the water. The large Tupelo trees appeared in various shades of red, yellow and purple. Other towering trees glowing in their fall yellows, deep oranges and fiery reds include red oak, sweet gum, pink oak, sassafras, and more. Adding to the view were the couples enjoying the remarkable fall colors from their canoes in The Lake.

A little to my right I saw the famous Bow Bridge gloriously decorated in the fall bonanza. The bridge located mid-park at 74th Street, west of Bethesda Terrace, spans 60 feet with a walkway. On Saturday, it was packed with tourists who had come to capture the best of fall colors in New York City.

Fallcolors2018_Fall_CentralPark_NewYork_Red Maple

Red Maple tree glistening under the setting sun, Central Park

One of my most cherished moment at the Park was the view of this Red Maple tree shining in the glory of the setting sun. Instinctively, I pressed the stutter of my camera to capture nature’s blessing. As moments like these are often short-lived.

The red maple trees are spread throughout Central Park. And at this time of the year they are blazing forth in a fiery spectacle all over the Park. Once the leaves drop, in late winter, it takes on a pinky glow as flower buds tint its branches.

Bidding my farewell for the day I went home with great fall memories for the fourth consecutive year in the City. It was a day well spent with my bae. 🙂

Listing below some of the best spots to spot fall foliage in Central Park:
~ North Woods, where a rustic lake provides the perfect backdrop for fall colors
~ Conservatory Garden with its incredible chrysanthemum display
~ The Pool, where you’ll also spot wildlife (turtles, fish, and birds) and a waterfall
~ North Meadow and the Reservoir, where two types of cherry trees turn vivid colors
~ The Ramble, perhaps the most iconic foliage spot
~ The Mall and its collection of American Elms, one of the largest in North America
~ Hallett Nature Sanctuary and Pond, a peaceful haven with several scenic overlooks  (Source: centralparknyc.org)

Do share your fall experiences with me in the comment box below.

Signing off with best wishes to all!

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