Fall views’ Canadian Geese

Fresh breeze, sun on my back, clear blue sky and a gabble of foraging geese. It’s a well-known inclination, the sentiment of fall. ~ Hints of Life

Canadian Geese_River Side Park_SunnyFallDay._
Gaggle of geese foraging on grass at the banks of Hudson River, NY

The view grand, the inclination excessively natural, the scene returned to, the affection for fall new and fresh. Fall genuinely is nature’s last loveliest grin before a long distance race of early sunsets and dark sky’s. In the city, as I trust that the leaves will turn brilliantly golden (full blossom) an unexpected, anticipation awaited me at the Riverside Park South.

A couple of weekends, on my run along the Riverside Park South, a group of heavenly Canadian geese grabbed my eye. It was a basic yet ground-breaking scene. Regularly found in large flocks on a variety of water bodies, I spotted the delightful feathered creatures rummaging on grass, and seeds by the Hudson River. A gaggle of ten grown-up geese went on with their day as I watched them from a short separation, sitting on the grass rehearsing the pranayama asanas.

Canadian Geese_River Side Park_SunnyFallDay
As I click the shutter capturing the long black neck and white cheek patch

A reasonable scene as portrayed in the photos indicates them flipping wings, culling plumes from their bosom, and scrounging on grass, seeds, berries and other plant seeds. It additionally demonstrates their readiness around the people as they extend their necks straight between the encouraging interims.

Not long after, the geese pushed ahead to an alternate fix of grass. Their pioneer conveying to them through rambunctious sounds. In awe I viewed their unique association, the trust they showed in their pioneer and the solidarity they had as a family.

As one of the goose parted from the herd into a low trip over the Hudson River, I saw the glorious white ‘U’ it shaped on the dull upper tail, in profound diverge from its lower dark tail. It was genuinely a stunning moment!

Canadian Geese_River Side Park_SunnyFallDay._._
 Evenly dark brown body with limited contrast with the black neck

In middle, all things considered, I recalled the adage by Hal Borland,  “two sounds of autumn are unmistakable- the hurrying rustle of crisp leaves blown along the street by a gusty wind, and a gabble of a flock of migrating geese.” I most likely didn’t miss the prattle of a group of geese in the city. What’s more, I enthusiastically anticipate the rushing stir of fresh fall leaves in my street and in the city parks. Despite the fact that I wish for that garland of reds and golds, I should be as patient as she.(Source: Angela) Abraham)

To my readers who live in the city or are intending to visit Manhattan this Fall. I profoundly suggest the Riverside Park South situated between West 59th Street and West 71st Street. Interestingly, it is settled between noteworthy Riverside Park and Hudson River Park along the Hudson Waterway. The Recreation center is a mix of recreational space and flourishing local biological communities. It pays reverence to the region’s essential role in the railroad history of New York City.

Do share your fall experiences with me in the comment box below.

Singing off with best wishes for fall!


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4 thoughts on “Fall views’ Canadian Geese

  1. I’ve been along the Hudson River so many times- not sure that I remember the Riverside section of it, particularly! To me fall is about cuddling up by a warm fire with a perfect drink in a comfy cardigan and loved ones. But in terms of the outdoors- Central Park ( by the reservoir) is my go to on crisp fall days.

    • Hi Tara, thank you for sharing your beautiful fall story. I so resonate with every word of yours. Well said!! Yes, Central Park by the reservoir is stunningly gorgeous at this time of the year. Wishing you a warm and wonderful fall. 😊✨

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