Springtime in Riverside Park

Spring’s arrival; when nature blushes with life, earth is dressed in color, sky almost blue and sun almost bright. ~ Hints Of Life


Bulbs of nature – Springtime in Riverside Park

Crabapple buds shining in the spring sunshine at Riverside Park. Soon the deep pink buds will open to pink blossoms, becoming something of intrigue and fascination for its viewers. This spectacular spring delight caught my attention on a weekend afternoon as I made my way into the park from West 79th street, Upper West Side. The beautiful buds swinging in the light breeze, looking so ethereal. Their touch soft and smell sweet. After an hour-long admiration of the spring beauty I pointed my camera towards the buds capturing the moments I spent in its company.

Did you know, the unopened crabapple flower buds may hint of one color and as  flowers open, other hues are revealed in a spectacular floral. For flower lovers, crabapple blossom is a highly recommended spring blossom. In New York City the sweet-smelling blossom is occurring in great abundance. You will come across some of the finest mature crabapple stands in park landscapes by early May, including Riverside Park’s Crabapple Grove and Central Park’s Conservatory Gardens allee.

Knowing a little about the magnificent ornamental tree I returned home to my internet. Over a cup of steaming Indian masala chai (tea) I revisited the crabapple buds shots in my camera and read about the rich New York City’s crabapple heritage. I am excited to head back to the parks on quiet weekday mornings to enjoy my time with the most stunning spring blossoms in the city. How ’bout you?

Stay tuned for more pictures and stories on crabapple blossom in this space.

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