Winter in NYC

Nature’s most exotic sight is not the soft falling snow but the vast frozen river. Though static on the surface it is constantly moving underneath. ~ Hints Of Life

Frozen Hudson River

The Mallard Ducks and Ring Billed Gulls surviving the arctic chill on the frozen Hudson River, New York

Growing up in India, I never experienced snow. The maximum low temperatures in my city never dropped below 40 degree Fahrenheit. Fascinating as it may sound, I grew up in a city situated at the foothills of the Shivalik (a mountain range of the outer Himalayas). So, to experience snowfall one had to make a trip to the mountains. That trip is still on the top of my bucket list.

But life moves on, and fate takes you places. Yes, it happened to me.  29 months ago I moved to New York City. Gosh, I was thrilled to live in world’s most exciting city – Big Apple or famously known as The City That Never Sleeps. Home to a huge majority of international expats I looked forward to meeting people from across the globe. My initial few months in the city were overwhelming. I dreaded the long, harsh North Eastern winter. First winter was tough. The daylight saving time was much harder than I expected. I spent most time indoors as it was too chilly for me to be outdoors. I was bored to death and missed home terribly.

Frozen Hudson River.1

The frozen Hudson River on January 7, 2018

But I’m a fighter. As the second winter arrived, I learnt the process of surviving the cold days. Blogging became my biggest passion and a way to share my thoughts and feeling with like-minded people. I took to running outdoors on sunny cold days and sometimes on usual gray days as well. Living close to Central Park and Riverside Park, I found myself almost everyday at the parks enjoying the beautiful, serene views. I discovered bird watching as my new hobby. Curious, I carried my camera where ever I went, capturing moments – sunset, sunrise, different New York seasons , colorful trees, migratory birds, through the lens. Photography gave me perspective. I started seeing space in new dimensions.

Snow covered Riverside Park

View of the frozen Hudson River and snow-covered Riverside Park

Adaptive and resilient, I fell in love with New York winter in the third year. It is simply beautiful. The gray days seem charming now. Gray is the real winter color even on the subway. I wait for snow like a child and there has been plenty this year. I have braved a couple of heavy snowfalls to work and it truly was fun. My wardrobe is decorated with colorful cashmere sweaters, and I own a beautiful J.Crew winter coat. At last, I have learnt to dress according to the weather outside that varies a lot.

The new year began with a record-breaking low of – 40 degree Fahrenheit (- 40 Celsius) freezing the Hudson River. After seeing the breathtaking pictures and videos on social media, I couldn’t resist myself from venturing out in the frigid conditions to see the frozen Hudson River for real, in person. As I stepped outside, my breathing became heavy, and feet started moving slowly into a jogging stride. It was cold beyond belief. Careful (a snow fall bump was certainly not my idea) I made my way to the snow-covered Riverside Park from West 71st street on the Upper West Side.

The view of the Riverside Park was divine. It looked white like an angel and felt peaceful like heaven (as you see in the picture above). As I got to the Hudson River bicycling track  the river was covered in large chunks of ice floes. At the boat basin marina, mallard ducks and ring billed gulls sat close to each other on the frozen river, surviving the arctic chill. That scene was my defining moment. The 45 minutes spent in the unbearable cold were worth every breath. My New Year started with a splendid naturalist experience. I learnt life’s most important lesson yet again – we must stick together through harsh and tough times and we will emerge as champions.

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10 thoughts on “Winter in NYC

  1. It does take three years to really get used to the winter.
    It took me that long as well. I like it now.
    But ‘snowless,’ cold days still are not my favorite.

    I agree- seeing a river frozen is pretty darn amazing. A few years ago, I remember seeing large chunks of ice floating down the Hudson and then driving up to the Hudson river valley, parts of the river were completely frozen! MIND BLOWN! 🙂

  2. Lovely lovely shots! We need to embrace winter to enjoy it. I moved to Sweden 20 years ago and the first few winters were tough – but now I love it!

  3. Hi Tara, Thanks for liking my post. What lovely photos! I admit to being a summer person but there is such wonder in nature in all its seasons and snow lends itself beautifully to photography..Husband and I have only been to New York once – many years ago – but the almost ethereal vision of The Statue of Liberty appearing through a June, early morning heat-haze, remains! We sailed past it on a ship and were bound for Canada, where we lived and worked for eighteen months. (We enjoyed NY: Macey’s Store, leafy Central Park and stayed in Brooklyn.) We are now retired in Spain.What do you work at, Tara? Best wishes.

    • Hi Joylennick, thanks for connecting here and
      sharing your beautiful New York experience with me. Summer is lovely in New York and your description of it makes me look forward to Spring/Summer all the more. I’m a Tennis Coach in the city, coaching in Tennis clubs and Parks.

      Thanks once again for stopping by and sharing such wonderful thoughts. Have a great rest of the week. Best wishes, HOL!

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