Fallen beauty

Fall leaves, falling in the lap of mother earth, reminiscing its lost glory~ Hints Of Life

Fall colors_dry leaves_NewYork

The foliage looks just as pretty after it gathers on the ground at Central Park Conservancy

The leaves are fallen around me,
fall leaves, dry; red and yellow,
gathered in a hump,
their invisible soul speaks to me,
countless stories of time on earth,
the rise and fall of their destiny,
before disappearing in the soil

falling is good sometimes,
only to come back stronger,
it’s not that we have to quit,
this life one day, but it’s how,
many things we have to quit,
all at once – family, friends,
laughter, love, memories and,
even the joy of talking to a stranger,
if only it would be lost, all not at once

Inspiration and source-Roman Payne

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