Golden sunset

I stand alone like the cherry tree
shining in the shadow of the sunset
radiant in its beauty like a diamond


Watching the sunset is a profound moment for me and I do takeout time everyday (almost) to gaze at the spectacle of color in the sky that lasts for a few minutes before it fades away. Living in the West where winter is long and brutal there can be many days when the sun doesn’t show at all. So, it becomes even more important for people here to be out in the sun when it does appear. But the upside of living in the West is the many breath-taking sunsets that one witnesses as the days get longer in spring and summer.

Nonetheless, as a sun worshipper I don’t need much deliberation to be in its company. I always have ready reasons to be out in nature. Moreover, research shows that the psychological effects of admiring the sunset may persist long after the color has faded. Admiring the sunset helps boost ones well-being, increase levels of happiness and enhance life satisfaction. The key is to actively engage with the experience. To reap the rewards of the sunset, you need to stop whatever else you’re doing and really notice and appreciate the show in the sky.


The five reasons to gaze at the sunset:

Makes you feel at peace:
No matter how tough your day went or how exhausted you feel, spending a few minutes gazing at the sunset will make you feel at peace with yourself and others. You will look forward to a new, fresh day tomorrow.

Doesn’t cost a cent:
I believe watching the sunset is the most romantic date with your love or just by yourself. And the best part is it doesn’t cost you a cent. To make it an even more beautiful experience you can bring along a bottle of wine and savor the myriad hues in the sky.

Enhances your emotional well-being:
It is a know fact that people who live close to nature are happier and more emotionally secured. Especially people who spend time appreciating the beauty of nature. And what can be a better way then enjoying the sunset.

Makes you mindful:
It gives you a chance to be mindful and live in the moment which is otherwise quite difficult. And in time you would realize, admiring the sunset has become a routine. Isn’t that an amazing addition to an otherwise busy life.

Mindfulness is bringing one’s complete attention to the present experience on a moment-to-moment- basis. According to Perspectives on Psychological Science study, mindfulness is “the nonjudgmental awareness of experiences in the present moment” and has been proven to have significant psychological and physical benefits, including stress reduction and improved cognitive functioning. Gazing at the sunset is one of the best ways to practice mindfulness.

Allows you to multi-task in a healthy way:
Some days I like to run in the park as the sun begins to hid behind the horizon. I take a few minutes to simply look at the setting sun, relishing its beauty, as I perform a few stretching exercise. Other days I like to stand upright in a Mountain Pose and simply gaze at the beautiful sunset, slowly inhaling the fresh air through my nose and exhaling it through my mouth.

Don’t miss a sunset because every sunset is gorgeous and different!

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