Cherry Blossom

Is it just me or do you too feel the magic of Spring? The earth is laughing in flowers once again.

Cherry Blossoms at Riverside Park

Cherry Blossom at Riverside Park

As I took the most gorgeous biking path by the Hudson river today, amidst all beauty I just couldn’t take my eyes off the blooming pink and white cherry blossoms along the path. The aroma of spring was all around. The feeling so beautiful, as the earth begins to turn colorful once again. Like every heart has a story to tell. Smiling faces, hearts filled with love, couples soaking the sun, children playing in the soil, and fitness enthusiasts setting new goals. Such a gorgeous sight.

Cherry Blossoms at Riverside Park 1

Sunshine seeping through the Cherry blossom against the azure sky

Cherry Walk
When you rave about Riverside Park, it is important to talk about the Cherry Walk. If you happen to visit Riverside Park in Spring, it is a must to hike the four mile long path along the Hudson River from 72nd to 158th Street. You would see light pink to white blossoms everywhere. It is a beautiful sight that will fill your heart with happiness and add some more lovely memories in your life.

Cherry Blossoms at Riverside Park 4

Flowers leave some of their fragrance in the hand that bestows them

I biked through the stretch of Hudson River, just close enough to the George Washington bridge, competing with many bikers who came in great speed from behind. Quite happy with my fitness I rested for a while under a white cherry tree. Lying on my back with face towards the sky, I gazed at the clear blue sky. It was sparkling in sunshine. I stretched my arms to feel the texture of the white cherry flower, its softness made my heart melt with love. A light Spring breeze flowing through the space awakened my senses with its everlasting scent.

After a few more precious moments in Nature I decided to head home. A smile dangled on my face and I felt calm, I knew in my heart ‘This path is going to be my friend till Spring lasts.’


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