Spring afternoon

As the earth begins to turn gold, and nature charms us with its enchanting spell
Spring it is once more, I sing with a heart full of rejoice

Yellow flower

Bright yellow Celandine Poppy flowing in the breeze

After four days of rain, the clouds gave way to Sun finally. The glowing medallion in the sky lifted my spirits. It is a known fact, that sunlight cues special areas in the retina, which triggers the release of the happy hormone serotonin in the brain. The blue sky looked promising and as I am a true nature lover or you may call me an ‘Aesthete’, a walk in Central Park was surely my plan.

Walking through the street, between West End Avenue & Amsterdam, the exuberant architecture of New York City was glowing in the Sun. Columbus Circle was buzzing with young mothers, out on a walk on this sunny day with their adorable toddlers. A brisk walk and in 20 minutes I was at the entrance of Central Park West on 68th Street. Marching in I was welcomed by a paradise of  bright yellow Celandine Poppy flowers. A native to North America, these flowers grow best in damp woodlands, with partial sunlight. It felt like the earth was painted in gold.

A carnival of scents blew in the air, as I walked further into the park. A squirrel near a tree seemed quite unperturbed and went on scuffing about in the leaves picking up nuts and titbits in its little paws. Just there as I turned right to hike up a trail, tiny yellow flowers were blooming on the branches of a tree. The yellow umbel flowers popularly know as ‘Golden Alexander’ looked eternal against the blue sky. These flowers add a lot of color to any garden or park. They are known for long blooming time and give way to green fruit later in the season.


Golden Alexander blooming on a tree branch

My skin felt radiant after spending sometime sunbathing on the ‘Cherry Hill’ in the park and my lungs felt alive. A quote by John Muir ‘In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks’ crossed my thoughts as I enjoyed the sweet sunshine.

A spring afternoon well spent, I will cherish this beautiful walk for a very long time.



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