A white dreamy morning

It’s here, I said aloud! The snow is here. It all happened while I was asleep. The snow flakes adorned New York in the early morning hours. White, as far as I see- it’s white. I open the window, peer my face out to feel the fresh air, just as I do the icy wind pierces my face making it go numb in just a few minutes. I seize the moment before closing the window by clicking a few shots of the view around me.

Snow on the tree branches, snow in the garden, and on my neighbours patios, kissing everything so gently like a white quilt covering all that’s part of the universe, asking it to go to sleep till summer arrives.

img_1521Snow in the small backyards, a view from my South facing window

img_1520The snow covered Patios, a view from my West facing window

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