In your shadow


I behold your myriad hues in my twinkle eyes, as I behold love in my heart!

In your shadow
the squeaky squirrel tip-toes on the fallen leaves
she digs and eats on the seasonal seeds

In your shadow
the tiny, pugnacious hummingbird flickers her wings, trying to stay still
she sings her tuneful whistle to the sky and to the earth

In your shadow
the thin legged grasshopper flies hedge to hedge
often, disguising himself in time to avoid the predator

In your shadow
the red owl sits high-up in the oak tree
he watches the life on earth with his wise big eyes

In your shadow
the wild white fox lives in his warm den
where he eats and sleeps, where he feels safe

In your shadow
man sleeps peacefully in his created mansion
he sails on the sea, climbs up the mountains
he enjoys the sunrise and the sunset, he walks under the blanket of starts
he lives a mighty life

Not often does one get to thank you O’Nature 
you are the nurturer, protector, preserver
the guardian angel


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